Automated export of Facebook Insights data

Are you looking for a tool for exporting Facebook insights data for your pages in a way that it can be automated? Do you find existing Facebook Analytics tools and services too expensive and not suiting your purpose? Would you like to create your own data analytics tool that ultimately suite your needs?

If your answer to any question above is positive, please check project called To be fair, I must mention my personal involvement in this project, however I believe it definitely might help you. allows you, amongst others, to extract data from Facebook by defining FQL query and export the results in common formats such as Excel, CSV or XML. The query can be scheduled for execution on daily, weekly or monthly basis and it supports incremental data storage. Furthermore, the data you get can be linked together with others from Google Analytics, CSV or XML. Using is fairly easy and intuitive, you can easily set up automated reporting following steps below.

1. Register and log in

Go to registration form and simply follow the registration process. You can use your existing Google or Facebook account to speed up the process.

2. Set up automated Facebook reporting

Once logged in, simply navigate to Facebook connector on the left hand side menu. Fill in required FQL query and optionaly, set scheduled execution. The query can be set with daily, weekly or monthly execution. Moreover, you can select prefered storage algorithm. Setting to “clean” will results in truncating all the existing data before query execution, so only actual data are kept in the database. If set to “incremental”, the data in the database will be incrementaly stored.

3. Manage sources

After clicking on “Sources” in the left hand side menu, you can easily manage your existing data sources.

4. Display, integrate or export

Once the source is in the database, feel free to display the data, integrate them or export them to prefered format.