Build your own low-cost data warehouse

If you are a small or mid-size company, you surely have a lot of data about your customers, products, marketing expenditures or perhaps some data from web analytics tools. Occasionally you came across the need to integrade such data to get more business insights. And then comes the bottleneck, you, as a small- or mid-size company probably cannot afford full-featured data-warehouse enterprise solution and keeping the data in spreadsheet or building your own relational database is bit clumsy.

Facing the same problem, I decided to develop a data mining and integration platform that would finally solve all my data-management headaches. The project is called and is able to integrate together various sources of data in common formats such as CSV, XML or JSON. Also, you can use set of connectors for mining data from popular web services such as Google Analytics or Facebook insights. With, you can easily build your own low-cost data warehouse.