Dataddo approved as Google Analytics technology partner

Although Google Analytics is only one of many (though important) data sources that can be used within Dataddo platform, I am really glad to announce the approval of Dataddo as Google Analytics technology partner, justifying our best effort delivering to Google Analytics users high-quality service and advanced features including :

  • Extraction of multiple metrics and dimensions (Up to 5 metrics and 5 dimensions within one report).
  • Ability to set up programmatic data extraction in defined period (up to daily frequency).
  • Consolidation of data from multiple Google Analytics accounts.
  • Ability to connect Google Analytics to external business data via drag-n-drop interface.
  • Conduct advanced data analytics task and statistical computations.
  • Visualize the data using bars, charts or tables.
  • Access mobile-optimized reports from smart devices.

In case you are interester in more details, do not hesitate contacting us or read more about Dataddo Google Analytics connector.