Integration of Google analytics with other data sources

In recent times I have been frequently coming across the issue of integration Google analytics with other data sources. I have been considering using some of the existing services, such as excellent GoodData (, but the costs were always eye-watering. I usually ended up using MS Excel or Google docs. Being fed up with this, I finally decided to write my own solution. I call my baby, and it is right now in the phase of development. My plan is to launch it for beta testing on the beginning of January 2014 and make it available for public use during March 2014. I want to keep it free of charge for non-profit use.

What is it about?

In short, will be cloud-based data integration service. It will allow you to merge data from multiple sources together into one structure. Such data can be outputted into multiple views. The whole concept of is heavily influenced by traditional database design patterns, so it should be fairly easy for anyone with at least little knowledge in this field to grasp it. The design rely on three pillars:

  • Source. Any collection of data that can be analyzed. In SQL terms similar to tables.
  • Structure. A definition of relations between sources. In SQL terms similar to joins.
  • View. A final output of the data.

The functionality available in version 1.0 (march 2014) is planned as following:

  • UML-like interface for data integration
  • Google analytics, Facebook, CSV, XML connectors
  • Ability to define multiple view on each structure