Introducing Dataddo 1.3 Web and social analytics platform

I am proud to announce the availability of 1.3 version of Dataddo Web and Social analytics platform as of 1st December 2015. Besides improving the overall performace of the system, we have added many great features. Here is a short list of them.

New data explorer

Data explorer has been completely redesigned and new functionality has been added, namely following :

  • Data aggregation capability. From now, on you can group data by particular column and setĀ aggregation functions such as SUM, AVERAGE, MEDIAN, MIN, MAX or COUNT to others. The functionality itself is very similar to such you are used to from SQL databases or perhaps some spreadsheet editors. This feature is particularly useful when you are merging data from multiple Google Analytics accounts together.
  • Automatic data profiling.
  • Data visualization.
  • Advanced data filtering. You can employ multiple filters on different columns using comparison operators, common wildcard characters or regular expressions.


Getting the right data from data explorer sometimes require to perform multiple tasks, such as setting up filtering, aggregation or visualizations. To save your time and make your important business insights available instantly, we have created shortcuts that save your actual preference of data explorer and make it available in the left-hand side menu.

Business dashboards

Business dashboards have been completely re-done in order to make the them available for you within at most two clicks. We continue to improve this section in future releases by adding new visualizations.

Automated exports

Besides standard in-app data export available within data explorer interface, we have added a option to set automatic data export to your own FTP/SFTP storage in defined period. This featureĀ is particularly useful when you need to regularly put data to you internal data warehouse or you require addional data backup.

You can also check our video demoing the newest features on the live data.