New Google Analytics connector

After successful approval as Google Analytics technology partner, we are happy to introduce the next generation of Dataddo Google Analytics connector. The feature would be officially deployed on 27th July 2015.  Apart from visually appealing and much more user-friendly interface, we have added a couple of great features to leverage even more capabilities of Google Analytics API:

Request gallery

We have handpicked the most common Google Analytics queries and made them available directly within connector screen. From now on, you can simply browse through all available request definitions and after selecting one, all the pre-defined preferences (i.e. metrics, dimensions or filters) will be automatically loaded.

Request replication

One of the most requested feature by our users. Google Analytics request replication, allows you to re-use definition of existing Google Analytics source. This feature is particularly useful, when you often need to retrieve data using slightly different definition metrics, dimensions or filters, or your definitions are too complex to be easily remembered.

You can check our progress on the screenshots below.

Google Analytics connector Google Analytics connector - Request gallerysources