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Retrieve Facebook Insights data using Dataddo

When managing Facebook pages or running campaigns you are probably using Facebook Insights to gather some information about the performance and effectiveness of your activities. Although it provides some valuable information (and for free!), in some areas, particularly when you need long term data series or customized data-sets, the functionality is not sufficient enough. Of […]

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Automated reporting for digital marketing agencies

Internet as a medium changed the marketing communication forever as it brought the ability to measure the activities and therefore more precisely calculate ROI of marketing expenditures. Regardless whether you spend the money on advertising in search, social networks or in on-line display, you have plenty of tools at your disposal to track the effectiveness […]

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Automated export of Facebook Insights data

Are you looking for a tool for exporting Facebook insights data for your pages in a way that it can be automated? Do you find existing Facebook Analytics tools and services too expensive and not suiting your purpose? Would you like to create your own data analytics tool that ultimately suite your needs? If your […]

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