Thank you for amazing 2015!

When we have been launching 1.0 version of Dataddo, I was a “careful optimist” with rather modest expectations about the future development of the whole project. Looking back at the whole year now, I am really proud of what have been achieved so far and want to thank to our great team for outstanding performance, our customers and clients and all the other people involved. Knowing all the facts, I am pretty confident that in 2016 Dataddo will achieve another great success, as myself and the whole team are dedicated to continuosly improve our product and thus deliver best value for our clients. In following lines I have written a short recap of our top 2015’s achievements:

  • Migration to global IT infrastructure with several endpoint servers scattered across the globe, securing the desktop-like experience regardless whether you are physically located in Prague, New York, Sydney or Singapore.
  • Became A Google Analytics technology partner, proving our Web and Social analytics to be one of  the leading solutions on the market.
  • Roll-out of beta version of our IoT analytics platform, making us one of the world’s first companies pioneering this field and already talking with some of the top players on the market.
  • Grow to more than 400 users from 58 different countries.
  • A commercial break-out.